Monday, May 5, 2014

Scrapbook Books sales at Bargain Basement Price, Teresa Collins stampmaker

Hi Everyone,
I am selling these books at bargain basement price. They are in Excellent condition from Pet Free, Smoke Free. Teresa Collins stampmaker brand new in box.
All Prices are + shipping from Paypal. Leave a comment below with your zipcodes for pricing.

$4.00 + shipping Pet free, smoke free etc.. Discover the fun, fast and easy way to capture and document the everyday moments of your life with Ali Edward Techniques.

$4.00 + shipping Pet free, smoke free etc.. Rebecca Cooper Creative ways to maximize your supplies, save precious time and keep your pages simple. Includes easy layout solutions you can use right away!

$4.00 + shipping Pet free, smoke free etc.Scrapbooking is fun again! Get ready to play-engage your creative juices and learn new tricks from some of the hippest scrapbookers in the biz. [i]Creating Keepsakes' 2007 Scrapbooker of the Year[/i], the amazing Elizabeth Kartchner, has assembled an all-star cast of innovative designers to help refresh your imagination and unleash your personal style

$4.00 + shipping Pet free, smoke free etc..Cathy Zielske's distinctive style and voice captivated thousands of readers when her first best-seller, Clean and Simple Scrapbooking, hit the shelves.

$14.00 + shipping Pet free, smoke free etc..Overwhelmed by creative clutter? With 26 years of combined experience, professional scrapbooker Wendy Smedley and professional organizer Aby Garvey will guide you through the process of creating your very own organized and inspired workspace.

$4.00 + shipping Pet free, smoke free etc..In A Designer's Eye For Scrapbooking, Ali Edwards shares her design secrets on how to create attractive, charming and well-balanced pages that tell a story and reflect your unique personality.

$115.00+ Shipping Teresa Collins Stampmaker kit. Create your own Clear stamps.
Brand new seal box never open and use, smoke free, pet free etc.
The Teresa Collins Stampmaker is a unique kit that allows all from complete novices to experienced crafters to create stamps quickly and easily.
From printing your negative it will will take less than 5 minutes to make a stamp.
For information, project ideas, video tutorials, FREE design downloads please see

$4.00+ shipping Pet free, smoke free......Got a scrapbook question that's been plaguing you? An artistic conundrum that's giving you fits? Perhaps you're looking for a fresh approach to design or are in need of some new ideas for adding emotion to journaling.

Let the shopping begin have a great day, please only serious inquiries only.
Have a great week!

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Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter 2014!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sweet Potato Kale Smoothie with a side of Pinterest!

I'm really into anything with avocado lately and smoothies, so I thought I'd do a quick post about two of my latest adventures coming up. First this green smoothie requires just the following ingredients:

2 cups Coconut milk (or Almond milk)
2 handfuls of Spinach
1 bake Sweet Potato
1/4 cup Almonds 
2 Kale leaves
1/2 Hass Avocado
                                                                                             1 Tbsp of Ginger

Blend all in the Blender using Vitamix or Living Well blender into a smooth puree

Here's to a full day with a great tasting smoothie you will definitely have to try.

8 months ago I would never had tried a green Smoothie, but now after doing several research on Pinterest, I've come with some great creative ideas for Breakfast and Snacks to keep me full and lose weight.

I am inviting you to a webinar  tomorrow.Many of you have asked me you have been on Pinterest for a while and you are not getting a lot of traffic or followers.
I will be answering the following questions tomorrow.
  • How to build your account to attract followers
  • How to avoid common mistakes on Pinterest
  • How to get your boards setup for residual Income.

Join me tomorrow at

When: 2 pm Est

Cost: Free 

Have a fabulous week,
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Saturday, March 29, 2014

How to find your perfume signature scent?

Finding your signature scent can be quite a journey, as a woman growing up our signature scents were introduced to us by the women in our family. In my case I was strongly influence by my grandmother's scent of Fracas and Anais.

Later on I was introduced to L'air du Temps and Magie Noire by mother. Magie Noire became my signature fragrance and I fell head over heels in love with Magie Noire till this day.
I remember my first perfume purchase as if it was yesterday many moons ago, it was Paloma Picasso and yes you can still get it at Dillards and any other dept stores. I remember clearly trying several fragrance at the counter until the last bottle I tried was Paloma's. I cherished that perfume and wore it for a a period of 10 years that is the only perfume I wore. Until I decided to experiment a little bit with other new comers, yeah I know I became fickle lol

The best part about perfume is that due that chemistry each fragrance is a little unique for each person even though it's the same perfume it will smell differently due to body composition.

How do you find your signature scent?

  • Let your personality shine, if you are extrovert like me, you might prefer a strong scent of patchouli, jasmine etc. 
  • Introvert you might want to try something subtle such as citrus etc. The key is to choose something you feel comfortable with that doesn't feel overpowering.
  • Get samples of perfumes you have always wanted to try at the cosmetics counters and wear that scent for 2 weeks to give you a good feel, before investing into a scent you might not want to wear.
  • Sephora will give you small little vial of scents to try.
  • Check to see what your favorite designers are coming out with, such as Dior, Prada, etc again as for samples.
  • you can rate several fragrance base on their ingredients to see which one suits your personality

Fragrance is a great way to shine your personality and experiment a little bit. I prefer strong scents, my preferences for now are J'adore, Pleasures, Paloma Picasso, Magie Noire, Joop for men yes I know but it's not as strong on me.


Do you have a signature scent? Share with us what your favorites are?

Have a great week,

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bedroom Makeover Designs Ideas!

Your bedroom is your oasis, the spot where you go to relax and find your zen after a long day. This is the place where most magic happens!

This is a part of the house that gets neglected, let's face it how often do you allow a guest into your bedroom this is a spot that is usually off limit to guest, so therefor we tend to neglect it a bit.

This spring here are 5 ideas to get you going on creating a clean, relaxing Oasis, using existing scrapbook stash as wall decors.

Bedroom Makeover idea:1
Hang Curtains Behind Your Bed

This is a very simple bedroom Makeover using curtains. The yellow and grey instantly creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Bedroom Makeover idea:2

Flea Market finds

Adding a shelf and your favorite fresh flowers in little bottles will instantly add a lift.

Bedroom Makeover idea:3

DIY Headboards 

Changing your headboard are simple makeover you can do spruce up for Spring!

Bedroom Makeover idea:4

Deocrative Pillows

Bedroom Makeover idea:5

Add Drama with a new comforter set!

I luv  each of these ideas and the best part is they  can be done with minimal work and will not break the bank. 
Be sure to follow  me on Pinterest and share with us which idea you are going to implement.
Have a great week!
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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring 2014 Nail Trends You should try Now!

Nail art has been around for the past 35 years in the African American community. As of 5 years ago it became mainstream by Pink and Lady Gaga. Personally I am not a nail art kinda gal,the reason why is I cannot master how to recreate the same designs on right hand using the left hand, which I know requires practice, or head out to a nail salon. I do luv the freedom of being creative with my nails, don't you?

Here are my 5 favorite trends:

Trend 1: Glitter

Vavavoom, this says I'm glamorous and intriguing right?

Trend 2: Playful Designs

This is such a fun design specially for a tween or teenager.

Trend 3: Reverse French Manicure

This is a very dramatic design to add flair, can easily be created at home using a light colour as base, then dark colours to create the stripes.

Trend 4: Half Moon Designs

This style is all the rage on the runway, great way to spice up your nails for an's another type of designs.

Trend 5:  Modern French Manicure Designs

This says this not my mother's French manicure, I'm a modern woman right? try any of the nail polish below and let us know how you like them?

Which one of these trends are you going to try?
Have a great week!

PS Don't forget to follow us on the right for more trends like this, and we are on Pinterest :)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas, fill with Love, and Happiness. From all of us at Passionately Artistic :)


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Thursday, November 28, 2013