Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sweet Potato Kale Smoothie with a side of Pinterest!

I'm really into anything with avocado lately and smoothies, so I thought I'd do a quick post about two of my latest adventures coming up. First this green smoothie requires just the following ingredients:

2 cups Coconut milk (or Almond milk)
2 handfuls of Spinach
1 bake Sweet Potato
1/4 cup Almonds 
2 Kale leaves
1/2 Hass Avocado
                                                                                             1 Tbsp of Ginger

Blend all in the Blender using Vitamix or Living Well blender into a smooth puree

Here's to a full day with a great tasting smoothie you will definitely have to try.

8 months ago I would never had tried a green Smoothie, but now after doing several research on Pinterest, I've come with some great creative ideas for Breakfast and Snacks to keep me full and lose weight.

I am inviting you to a webinar  tomorrow.Many of you have asked me you have been on Pinterest for a while and you are not getting a lot of traffic or followers.
I will be answering the following questions tomorrow.
  • How to build your account to attract followers
  • How to avoid common mistakes on Pinterest
  • How to get your boards setup for residual Income.

Join me tomorrow at

When: 2 pm Est

Cost: Free 

Have a fabulous week,
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Saturday, March 29, 2014

How to find your perfume signature scent?

Finding your signature scent can be quite a journey, as a woman growing up our signature scents were introduced to us by the women in our family. In my case I was strongly influence by my grandmother's scent of Fracas and Anais.

Later on I was introduced to L'air du Temps and Magie Noire by mother. Magie Noire became my signature fragrance and I fell head over heels in love with Magie Noire till this day.
I remember my first perfume purchase as if it was yesterday many moons ago, it was Paloma Picasso and yes you can still get it at Dillards and any other dept stores. I remember clearly trying several fragrance at the counter until the last bottle I tried was Paloma's. I cherished that perfume and wore it for a a period of 10 years that is the only perfume I wore. Until I decided to experiment a little bit with other new comers, yeah I know I became fickle lol

The best part about perfume is that due that chemistry each fragrance is a little unique for each person even though it's the same perfume it will smell differently due to body composition.

How do you find your signature scent?

  • Let your personality shine, if you are extrovert like me, you might prefer a strong scent of patchouli, jasmine etc. 
  • Introvert you might want to try something subtle such as citrus etc. The key is to choose something you feel comfortable with that doesn't feel overpowering.
  • Get samples of perfumes you have always wanted to try at the cosmetics counters and wear that scent for 2 weeks to give you a good feel, before investing into a scent you might not want to wear.
  • Sephora will give you small little vial of scents to try.
  • Check to see what your favorite designers are coming out with, such as Dior, Prada, etc again as for samples.
  • you can rate several fragrance base on their ingredients to see which one suits your personality

Fragrance is a great way to shine your personality and experiment a little bit. I prefer strong scents, my preferences for now are J'adore, Pleasures, Paloma Picasso, Magie Noire, Joop for men yes I know but it's not as strong on me.


Do you have a signature scent? Share with us what your favorites are?

Have a great week,

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Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bedroom Makeover Designs Ideas!

Your bedroom is your oasis, the spot where you go to relax and find your zen after a long day. This is the place where most magic happens!

This is a part of the house that gets neglected, let's face it how often do you allow a guest into your bedroom this is a spot that is usually off limit to guest, so therefor we tend to neglect it a bit.

This spring here are 5 ideas to get you going on creating a clean, relaxing Oasis, using existing scrapbook stash as wall decors.

Bedroom Makeover idea:1
Hang Curtains Behind Your Bed

This is a very simple bedroom Makeover using curtains. The yellow and grey instantly creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Bedroom Makeover idea:2

Flea Market finds

Adding a shelf and your favorite fresh flowers in little bottles will instantly add a lift.

Bedroom Makeover idea:3

DIY Headboards 

Changing your headboard are simple makeover you can do spruce up for Spring!

Bedroom Makeover idea:4

Deocrative Pillows

Bedroom Makeover idea:5

Add Drama with a new comforter set!

I luv  each of these ideas and the best part is they  can be done with minimal work and will not break the bank. 
Be sure to follow  me on Pinterest and share with us which idea you are going to implement.
Have a great week!
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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Spring 2014 Nail Trends You should try Now!

Nail art has been around for the past 35 years in the African American community. As of 5 years ago it became mainstream by Pink and Lady Gaga. Personally I am not a nail art kinda gal,the reason why is I cannot master how to recreate the same designs on right hand using the left hand, which I know requires practice, or head out to a nail salon. I do luv the freedom of being creative with my nails, don't you?

Here are my 5 favorite trends:

Trend 1: Glitter

Vavavoom, this says I'm glamorous and intriguing right?

Trend 2: Playful Designs

This is such a fun design specially for a tween or teenager.

Trend 3: Reverse French Manicure

This is a very dramatic design to add flair, can easily be created at home using a light colour as base, then dark colours to create the stripes.

Trend 4: Half Moon Designs

This style is all the rage on the runway, great way to spice up your nails for an's another type of designs.

Trend 5:  Modern French Manicure Designs

This says this not my mother's French manicure, I'm a modern woman right? try any of the nail polish below and let us know how you like them?

Which one of these trends are you going to try?
Have a great week!

PS Don't forget to follow us on the right for more trends like this, and we are on Pinterest :)

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas, fill with Love, and Happiness. From all of us at Passionately Artistic :)


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Thursday, November 28, 2013

Friday, October 25, 2013

Free Pinterest Webinar to Build massive traffic for your blog and your Business!

I have a special invitation for you tonight!

I am excited to share my upcoming webinar, 3 Tested Strategies to Harness the Power of Pinterest. I am going to let you in on my closely guarded secrets to gaining followers and building a thriving Pinterest Community. I have personally tested these 3 strategies, and have the results to prove they work. They took me from a measly 834 followers to an outrageously engaged 32000 followers in less than 6 months.

Space is limited and demand is high so be sure to reserve your seat now at

If you have a product or are a service or information based business you know you need to learn how to use Pinterest to engage and connect with ideal clients. If you tried it on your own and just can’t get Pinterest to WORK for you then come join me on Friday evening for a results oriented and content rich event! Friday night’s webinar is going to be a Fluff Free Zone!

FREE Visual Marketing Webinar - Invite Your Attendees
Registration URL:
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3 Tested Strategies to Harness the Power of Pinterest
Date: Friday, October 25, 2013
Time: 8:00 PM EST | 7:00 PM CST | 6:00 PM MST | 5:00 PM PST
Length: Approximately 1 hour (includes a LIVE Q&A)

Register here Invite Your Attendees
Registration URL:
Webinar ID: 123-380-843

Can’t wait to share my strategies with you!

Maggie Lamarre
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Monday, September 23, 2013

Harness the Power of Pinterest!

Hi Everyone,
  • Are you a Photographer, Caterer or an Artist , who wants to easily Fill Your Booking Calendar Month After Month?
  • Are you in Direct Sales and want to Drive Massive Qualified Leads to your website?
  • Are you in Multi-Level Marketing and want to Build Your Team and Explode Your Previous Monthly Residual Income Goals?
  • Are you an aspiring Real Estate mogul who just needs to connect with the Right Clients to Sell That Listing that’s someone's perfect home?
  • Are you a Blogger who writes your heart out with passion and purpose but isn't seeing the love returned on your analytics reports and longs to be flooded with quality comments and click throughs?
If you answered YES to any of those questions then Cascade Avenue’s 30 Day Pinterest Makeover Coaching Program is exactly what you WANT and NEED!

Pinterest, Pinterest for business, branding with Pinterest

You’ve spent countless hours doing research for curated content on Facebook and failed to convert Likes into sales.
You’ve Tweeted yourself blue in the face and not gotten those longed for and much needed conversions?

What you NEED is a Pinterest Coaching Program

“I built my Pinterest profile from 340 followers to 25,000 followers in under 4 months, by pinning 30 minutes a day.”


Still Not Convinced?

You say you’ve already got a Pinterest profile and you’ve followed and pinned into the wee hours of the morning and still no conversions?

Then you NEED a Pinterest Coach

and a Pinterest Makeover!

You need to
Harness The Power of
Maggielamarre-pinterest, pinterest for branding, pinterest coaching, Pinterest,

Learn it from Maggie Lamarre who was awarded the Top Influencer Pinner on Pinterest by Better Homes and Garden and was featured on the Pinterest Featured Email in May, 2013.

MaggieLamarre Pinterest coaching program, pinterest marketing, pinterest branding, pinterest sales

30 Day Pinterest Makeover Coaching Program will teach you all the ins and outs of Pinterest and how to make the most of the features offered by Pinterest to attract followers and give them exactly what they want from you to create those much needed Social Media Conversions you keep hearing about.
Our Four Week Pinterest Coaching Program is broken down into easily digestible modules that will help you to see clearly what Pinterest can do to increase visibility, build your brand, and connect you with prospects that you can then easily convert to sales, build your direct sales teams, and generate increased monthly residual income.

Our entire Pinterest Coaching Program is done in one on one sessions with a live Pinterest Coach via Skype.This is NOT a video series! You have a live person with you every step of the way answering questions and SHOWINGyou how to HARNESS THE POWER OF PINTEREST 

Take A Look At What You’ll Learn

MaggieLamarre Pinterest coaching program, pinterest marketing, pinterest branding, pinterest sales

Pinterest Basics:
  • Learn How to Set up a Pinterest for Business Account and Why That Matters
  • Learn How to Tell Your Business Story Using Pinterest
  • Learn How Creating a Strategy for Your Boards can mean the difference between making money and wasting time
  • Learn How to Set up Your Pinterest Profile For SEO (Search Engine Optimization, Google Ranking) and How to Make it Keyword Rich
  • Learn the ins and outs of Legal and Copyright Rules and Regulations on Pinterest. You want to make money not have it cost you money.

MaggieLamarre Pinterest coaching program, pinterest marketing, pinterest branding, pinterest sales

How to create powerful boards:
  • Learn how many Pinterest boards you can create
  • Learn how to select the proper category that fits your Pinterest boards and why that’s important.
  • Learn how to create a theme for your Pinterest boards that delivers the message you need on first glance without the visitor even realizing it.
  • Learn why it’s important to your conversions to create boards your customers will find useful and interesting.
  • Learn how to create perfect holiday Pinterest boards and why those will drive massive traffic.
  • Learn how to make best use of the settings. to make your time spent on Pinterest short but effective.
  • Learn how to translate Pinterest notifications and make them part of your strategy for success.
  • Learn how to find friends on Facebook and Twitter and connect with them on Pinterest.
MaggieLamarre Pinterest coaching program, pinterest marketing, pinterest branding, pinterest sales

Board Management:
  • Learn how to pin using the Pinterest bookmarklet to increase the quantity and quality of  your pins while decreasing time spent Pinning
  • Learn how to edit pins so they look their best and draw lots of attention
  • Learn about my secret weapon to make eye popping pins out of any image.
  • Learn how many pins can be pinned at one time?
  • Learn the ins and outs of Pinning etiquette so you make lots of friends on Pinterest
  • Learn about my secret sources and where to find photographs that fit your brand

MaggieLamarre Pinterest coaching program, pinterest marketing, pinterest branding, pinterest sales  

Effective engaging strategies:
  • Learn how to upload your own images to your Pinterest boards. This is especially valuable to bloggers, direct sales, Real Estate Agents, and photographers
  • Learn how to edit a pin and edit the website address, as well as when and WHY you’d want to do that.
  • Learn how to delete pins and why you might need to do that.
  • Learn  how to edit or delete a Pinterest board and when you’d want to do one and not the other.
  • Learn how to add prices to pins and how doing that can close a sale seamlessly, and give you more reach.
  • Learn about adding videos to your Pinterest boards to explode exponentially.

MaggieLamarre Pinterest coaching program, pinterest marketing, pinterest branding, pinterest sales

  • Learn how to create a thriving community on your Pinterest boards
  • Learn how to invite others to collaborate on your boards
  • Learn what criterion are important in choosing Pinterest Board collaborators
  • Learn how to create a landing page for your blog or website on Pinterest
  • Learn how to use your  mailing list to announce your new Pinterest board,
  • Learn how to use your email signature to become an eye-catching money making machine just by incorporating your Pinterest Boards into it

We’ve carefully crafted the 30 Day Pinterest Makeover Coaching program right for Real Estate Agents, Direct Sales Professionals, Photographers, Bloggers, Caterers, Artist and Multi-Level Marketing Team Leaders.

MaggieLamarre, coaching, Pinterest, Pinterest branding, Marketing, Pinterest for business

This coaching program is a 4 weeks program with weekly assignments. Requiring 30 minutes daily to work on this project so no matter how busy your schedule you’ll always have time to grow your business using Pinterest.

At the end of the coaching program you will have mastered how to  
Harness the Power of Pinterest 
 to craft your business story and generate leads for your business

Power of pinning, Pinterest for brands, Pinterest for business, Pinterest for marketing

 Ready to...

  • Fill Your Booking Calendar Month After Month
  • Drive Massive Qualified Leads to Your Website
  • Build Your Team and Explode Your Previous Monthly Residual Income Goals
  • Connect with the Ideal Clients to sell that listing
  • Be flooded with quality comments and click troughs
Your dreams fulfilled are just a click and a pin away
Don’t delay our coaching calendar is filling up FAST!

 Have a great week,

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