Monday, January 12, 2009

Cuttlebug Organization 101

Good Morning Everyone:

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It's January and every year around this time I have the urge to reorganized and purge and make room for new collections..
If you are like me and have tons of Cuttlebug embossing folders and cuttlebug dies not sure what to do, there's help..
Hopefully you will find great ideas to help you implement a system to make creating easier and faster :)

There are no right ways to organize, just find what fits your needs. There are tons of ways to get organized, choose from one of the ideas below..

I asked several of our design team members how they organized, some of the answers I received were quite creative..

For Example Tracy Pounds has a nifty way of keeping track of her Cuttlebug Embossing folders as follow:

When organizing your Cuttlebug embossing folders consider making yourself a Reference Tag swatch book. It is a great way to see all the fabulous folders you own at a glance!…especially helpful when you’re working on a creative project and don’t want to take the time to go through every folder that you own. Simply flip through your tags … it will save you so much time! Also, you can see the positive and negative image of each folder by looking at the reverse side of the tag. Here’s another great tip…take your Swatch Book with you on your next shopping trip to help you remember which embossing folders you already have in your collection!

Follow these simple steps to create your own Cuttlebug Swatch Book:

1. Die cut a tag shape out of scraps of cardstock.

2. Emboss each individual tag with the embossing folders that you own.

3. Place all of your embossed tags on a binder ring.

4. Tie a few colorful ribbons on the ring just for fun!

Shannon Bracken our Design Team member has created a fun storage box for her Embossing Folders:

I took a $3 finish-it-yourself type recipe box from Michael's and covered it with DP from Basic Grey. The "Cuttlebug" and "Cuttlebug Folders" words were cut from black vinyl on my Cricut. Then I just cut dividers from CS and rounded the corners. I write the folder name on the divider at the top so I can easily flip thru and see each one. Then I write each folder name on the folder itself in permanent marker.

Our Design Team Member Meda Halmaciu has use an A6 envelope to store her collections:

I took some A6 envelopes and dressed them up with a Cuttlebug folder embossed image, wrote the name on top for reference. I will recycle a headphones package box (I won't show it to you because it is ugly right now until I decorate it) to systemize my folder in alphabetical order. Recicled envelopes can be used as well for this project because you cover them with pretty "cuttlebuged" :P paper. I only covered 1 side, but one could cover both sides to show the embossed and debossed surface for creative reference. The papers that are embossed are from my scrap stash. I took the first that came at hand in an attempt to be quick and practical which explains the ugly color combination.

Stamp with Shelly :

More ideas on her blog HERE

Has created this wonderful way of storing and quickly find her folders:
I have made index sheets that are embossed with each folder and indexed using the round tab punch. The index sheets are 1/4 sheets of CS. I was making them pretty and attaching the tabs with brads at one point, but I am now just stapling them to the tops to save time. The corresponding folder is filed behind each index sheet. The tin holds 24 folders & index sheets and is quite snug now. I am working on tin #2 and will categorize them by style when done.

Here's another nifty way to store and organize if you have the space..
Kewl Idea for organizing the Cuttlebug


My organization is simple since I started using the storage binders bag from Crop 6 months ago..
It has several pockets and storage areas for smaller items and plates storage in 1 spots..
I luv luv the bag and the clear storage protector makes it so much easier for me to see at a glace everything I own.

Pros of having the bag..
It's sturdy and made out of nylon easy to clean those chocolate smudges.
I've been able to fit much more into the bag than Crop Stop suggested..

Cons of the bag...
The large Ellison dies don't fit into I had to use a clear shoe storage system similar to what Aileen (Spike )uses.. and if you were to put them in the bag it will be too bulky..

You can see the youtube video here for the Binder it's very easy to use

The storage sleeves & binderI use HERE

I have a total of 12 sheets of storage, plus various dies in the pockets, 2 extra a's plates and b's
just in case they break, I need replacement right away :)

The only place I've been able to find the A plate was cropstop and the extender to use the Revolution dies :)

Thank you so much for stopping bye we hope some of these ideas have helped you :)
Have a great day,


Peg said...

I use Donna Dewberry's craft spinner and put all my dies in it by size and theme. I put my folders in here,too, in their original packaging organized by theme. It also allows me to store other things in it until I fill it up with cuttlebug stuff.

LORI said...

The blog looks FANTASTIC Maggie! The article is GREAT!! Super Job!! I enjoyed all the information.

melita said...

wow! i just got my cuttlebug this past Christmas, so I only have 2 embossing folders, but these are great ideas to have and to get started on!

Lorraine A said...

Ooh what lovely storage ideas, I only got my big shot and some embossing folders in December, so far I have 7 folders , ( but there are a couple more on their way !!) and at the moment they're in a purple Do Crafts storage box, think it's supposed to be for peel offs !
Am going to look more closely at all the DT samples and choose a project to make
Thanks for the tips x

Elaine said...

I found a storage box with a lift off lid at the craft store last year. It/'s about 10" x 16" x 9" hold my folders upright and I have little tabs with the 'texture' in front of each one. The other folders/dies side on the other side of the box and I just flip through because I don't have that many yet - and the alphabets take up a good deal of the space.

My name is Linda also know as Pinklilac said...

Hi Maggie. Great storage ideas I use the sleeves in a 3 ring folder
as I have only a few this works well but when I invest in some more I might have to have a rethink and your DT storage ideas are great.
Linda (Pinklilac)

Ann said...

Really fantastic article - I'll send people in this direction. The ideas are just amazing. Good job you didn't ask this design team member what I do. Hangs head in shame!!!

Mine are in a drawer and I shuffle through to find the one I want. Maybe I should get busy and put these ideas into action!!!

Ann xxx

Eveline said...

I love the tin and the tag swatch book. I have my folders in an old wooden plant holder and my ABC plates in another one. It works for now.

mitch1066 said...

I have them in a rubbermaid container right now,i love the envelope idea and the swatch book idea as like all of us i guess i'm a visual person.

~*Joni said...

I am a visual stamper, so all of my folders are hanging from my pegboard above my work space. They hang on hooks with individual binder clips. This way I can look up and pan across to determine which one to grab immediately. :D Thank you for a wonderful site!

southernscraps said...

Thanks for the tips. I will be needing them soon. Right now I only have one empbossing folder and its lying on the shelf in my craft room. It's so lonely, snff, snff. But there are more coming in the mail to me to join it, so I will have to come up with a storage and organization for them.

Kimmie said...

i just have mine in a Sterlite drawer

great tips

Thriftygranny said...

These are great tips. I use a 3 ring binder and the plastic sleaves from I have all my A2's first then my 2x2's then cuddlekids etc. I put the name of each folder on the front of it along with my name.

Cat said...

i originally started with a filing box (i made dividers from cardstock, and added a tab with a photo [from the PC website] of the die). it worked really well until i started buying smaller sized dies like the 2x2 dies or the embossing borders. i'm still looking for the perfect system, but for now, i've got all my folders (including the little borders) in clear clam-shell boxes. you can fit quite a few in a box, and they are easily portable. i've included a label on the front that depicts each folder that's included in the box.

Stef H: (Illinois, US) said...

WOW! These are all great ideas. I keep mine in a Sizzlets box alphabetically on top of a dresser that's in my craft room. I typed out the list and pasted it on top of the box so I don't have to open the box to flip through it. Works great for me.

For my EF's I keep them in a photo box - alphabetically. I printed out a large label and pasted it on the front.

Of course, none of this is near as pretty as what you very talented ladies do, but it works for me.

Thanks for a wonderful blog!

TxScrapAddict said...

I have mine on a little shelf. But as I get more...I think I'm going to put them in a box!

Jerusha said...

I only have about 4 dies since I just got my cuttlebug in November, but I have been eyeing the cuttlebug storage binder for them. Since I have limited space in this tiny apartment, I was thinking of using a photo album to slide my embossing folders into. Currently I have 16 folders, and all the folders and the dies and the cuttlebug and its mats and blocks are all arranged in a pretty basket.

Marie said...

What great ideas!! I currently keep all of my stuff in a drawer, but it's not very accessible. Great article - thanks for sharing!!!

Lori A. said...

I'm embarrassed to say that mine aren't really stored in anything right now. LOL They are just sitting in a little bucket. Just yesterday I was thinking about how I was going to store them so it's easier to go through them. I think I like the binder idea. I just realized I have one that I can use! :) I think I'll make a reference swatch like the one shown here, too. Thanks!

StampinCathy said...

What fabulous ideas. I just have them in a container and go flipping through all of them til I get the one I want. OMGosh I'm taking away from have FUN...what the @&*@! Ok I'm going to have to rethink this. Thanks for a chance.

Elaine A said...

Thanks so much for the ideas. I've just discovered the cuttlebug embossing folders and have bought a few, so the organizing ideas are great.

Elaine Allen

Michelle said...

These ideas are awesome! I haven't had a chance to organize my craft desk but I plan to use a decorated binder with sleeves. I am def going to make a tag swatch book..great idea!

Cassie said...

Great ideas!! I'm still working on making my reference tag. They are currently in a drawer in my iris cart. Put the drawer is pretty full so I'm going to have to think of something else!

Cheryl Koskakura said...

Great storage ideas! I have all of mine in a drawer but as my folders and dies grow, I will have to go with a better organization system.

marla said...

I store all my CB folders and supplies in a realy cute woven bakset.

Allison said...

Sorry I never replied to this post in time- I store all my dies in the blue cuttlebug storage folder which is now bursting at the seams so going to have to think of another idea as well or invest in another folder

redmom said...

This is exactly what I needed to see!! I just started collecting dies so my stash is pretty small right now and they all fit in a basket on my desk. I know very quickly I'll outgrow the basket, and all these ideas will come in handy!!

debbie said...

I store mine in the binder... for the cuttlebug.. it works well for keeping them all in one place..
I just wish they had a place for the edgers..

Sam said...

I don't have enough dies to begin organising them!! (I only bought my machine a few weeks ago!), but I love reading about the storage ideas - I am sure that I will eventually have to use some of them!!

Love the swatch card for the embossed folders, what a great idea!!

Sara said...

I use an coupon like folder it holds all the folders and dies in them too.

Donna said...

Great tips, I use a wash/makeup case to store my folders, its just the right size and zips shut. Donna x

JennK said...

All of these ideas are wonderful!! Great article!

Linda said...

I am still waiting for my cuttlebug to come in the mail. So I, as yet have now organization system. I sure can't wait to have one though.

Lastel said...

I use a cloth lined rectangle wicker basket I got on clearance at Michaels to organize my folders and currently use the cards that come with the folders as the dividers between them , which I may change at some point .

Paper Propaganda said...

i love these ideas! now i'm going to have to re-organize!! and pick which one i could make best use of! currently i use shoeboxes... i bought the cuttlebug binder and unfortunately found that they don't hold enough sheets, and i would have to buy several other binders since they won't hold all of my dies and folders :( i wish they would have made a much fatter binder!

Michelle (mla1111) said...

These are great ideas! Umm... I organize mine in a pile, still in their original packaging - why is that??? I need to pick one of these ideas & re-organize.

Tasha said...

I have my folders in a basket that I can flip through easily.

Rachel said...

My dies & folders are in a basket atm - but I'm fast outgrowing it so have been looking with interest at other ideas :-)

Love the idea of the swatches to take with you - I can't remember which I have & which I want!!! They sometimes get interchanged in my brain!

artycrafty said...

Thank you so much for this! I really need to organise my folders and dies too. You have given me inspiration.


Bobbie said...

I don't have very many folders so just have them in a box.I just go through them and pick the one I want.

Chookarooni said...

I too am visual - having said that I have learned I can't have everything out there - so am in process of reorganizing - too much stuff. What works for me right now is plastic tubs - for my small embossing folders and dies and then CD holders for the A2 embossing folders and dies. I keep all them in the top drawer of the dresser on which my cuttlebug sits. It is a system that works for me for now!

BettyBee said...

Like Sara, I have mine in COUPON FILE HOLDERS that I got at Big Lots for $1! I have three now, and I have to get one more, since I got so many new Christmas EFs this year! I have them divided into "Word" folders, like Thank You, Baby, Congrats, etc. in one file; "Holidays", in another; basics like "Swiss Dots", "D'Vine Swirls", etc.; in another, and a fourth for misc. They are each a different color, so I can easily grab the right one. They have nice dividers inside, and come with little tabs, so I can label them. Very portable, and take up very little space. I will absolutely add the sample ring to my organization, though!!! Thanks for sharing!! Hope this helps you.

Linda w said...

I keep all my Cbug dies and folders in binders using different size page protectors with different size pockets in them. The folders are in 2 pocket protectors. The small folders are in 9 pocket protectors. My nesties are in 2 & 4 pocket protectors with each set on a magnetic sheet cut to fit the pocket. Each nestie set also has a negative and a positive die cut so when I am looking for a particular size to fit a particular image I can try out the different dies using the samples that I had cut out and keep in each pocket.

Froggy said...

Here is how i stored mine...its on my blog

vistagirl said...

these are some great ideas! thank you!
I don't have a fancy system. I only have about 7 folders so far. I have them in a pretty tin on my craft table.
Jennifer L.

Fi said...

Great ideas by everyone. I am very bad at organization with my craft supplies and my cuttlebug dies are in a box and I have to go through all of them to find the one I am looking for.
I will have to read everyone's comments again and see what would work for me - it would be lovely to be organized.

susy said...

At the moment I am using a PSB(paper sticker binder) from crop in style. It's one I have had for years and rarely used and was going to sell it until I tried my folders and dies it. It works fabulously because of all the different sized pockets. I find all my cuttlebug dies and folders and other brand dies have all found a home in it.

cleo said...

What nice storages you have shown us. I really enjoyed to look at them.
I also made a new storage chest for my dies and folders jesterday.
You can find it at my blog
Thanks you for vistiting me!
Have a nice Day!

valken said...

Oh I love to organize my stuff and that binder looked really fun. I just keep what I have in a drawer in my Iris Organizer

Dawn said...

Unfortunately for me I don't have a lot of dies to organise so they are so they are all kept in a little box, my embossing folders - Now I DO have quite a few of these - I love them!! they are permanently kept out on top of my table stacked neatly!!
That's it I'm afraid no great tips! no great organisation!! LOL

Karen said...

I have mine in 2 tins, one of which I've decorated and I use one for dies and one for folder but then the combos came out and threw me completely!
Although my tins are a good size the contents lie flat so I still have to get most out to flip through: Like the ideas given where flipping is easy: Thanks for the ideas.

Rainbow Lady said...

I find my folders very easy to store. I write the name on the back in permanent ink then file alphabetically in an A6 clear box.
Easy peasy for me.
Love Cynthia x

Scrapycandy said...

I use page protectors to store almost everything. They are see through and easy to put into binders (and cheap). However, I will be considering all these wonderful ideas I have seen on this blog!

Jenny said...

I use cd/dvd sleeves from office depot, these have two pockets and you store them in a binder. I put my dies in baseball pockets into a binder. I really like this system, because I keep them on a shelf with my acrylic stamp binders.

Christy Dillman said...

I have the blue CB binder with brown handles for all my big embossing folders. For my little embossing folders they fit perfect in the cuttlekids binder that I got on clearance at Walmart.

Love some of the other wonderfully created options listed.

Chris said...

I have a bunch and I keep them in a plastic shoe box . I like to keep them in the same original packaging. I have 2 alphabet sets and I carefully opened the packaging so it could be used to keep the set together. I separated the folders from the dies. It's been working for me so far.

Patty (SCS-pepperrn) said...

Wonderful ideas for storage. I actually bout a clear three drawer cube that I put mine ine. I put the A2 ones on the top, the die cuts in the middle and the 2x2 in the third drwer. I like how I can see them. I bought he storage drawers at Lowe's for about $10.


Tracey said...

I'll be honest, I only have 1 embossing folder so no organization necessary yet. I know! How is that possible, right?!?! Sad but true!!

Paola said...

I organize dies in clear sleeves and then in a binder for easy access and visibility.


Nancy said...

I use a 12 x 12 3-ring binder, with pages from Coluzzle. I can fit 4 folders per page, and there are zippers at the top of each pocket, to keep the folders from falling out. Unfortunately, the zippers aren't all that sturdy, so a few have broken. I took a piece of cardstock and embossed one for each folder, storing it inside the folder, so I can easily see the pattern.

Nancy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
cleo said...

Hi Maggie,
you asked me to mail you at the cuttlebug Challenge Blog, but I don't see any E-Mail-Adress here.
Maby you want to write me again, my mail is
cleo.schoen at
Best wishes

JenE said...

I dont too many folders yet but when I do, I'm going to use Tracey's method of cutting out tags and embossing htem. Just love it! But I also like Shelly's idea of using hte tin that she altered. I may have to combine these two grand ideas!!! Thanks for the tips :)

Susie Tan said...

I don't have much folders yet, so i just store it in the drawer, but maybe later i need to be organized and put it in a box. Thanks.

KAP said...

Right now the way I organize my dies is in a small box, it fits my 2 alphas (it would fit a 3rd, but I don't have one yet) and a few other random guys. I don't have a place for my embossing folders and have sadly misplaced one, but I have moved, so it could just be floating around somewhere. Love the ideas though, they are perfect for me!

Cheri Howard said...

I don't have very many dies, so they all go into a drawer with all my punches.

craftaddict said...

I use a 6" x 7" photo album but it is getting full so thanks for all the ideas people.

Stamp and Smile said...

So fun! Thanks for sharing the CB organization 101 tips... LOVE IT!! I chased Tracy's Swatch Sampler idea. I posted it on my blog and linked to Cuttlebug Challenge. Such a cool blog you have! Thanks so much... Smiles! :)

kimmerbe said...

I use the Cuttlebug binder, but I'm not crazy about it. I need some new ideas, so thank you!

Emily said...

I also use a binder system with inserts I got from Crop Stop on EBAY. I found it was a very inexpensive way to file my folders and I love the clear sheets so I can easily see what I have.

I also love the idea of making the tag samples of each folder for reference while shopping. What a great idea!

Sam said...

I use a coupon organizer to organize my cuttle bug folders. It isnt' the best way but so far I only have 2.

mE said...

FANTASTIC article!!!!! My cuttlebug supplies are in a basket in my bookshelf... gotta try and see if a couple of these would work, too!

Awesome blog!

Inky Smiles!

Anonymous said...

I keep all of mine in the origianl packaging in a plastic box- I bought a 20Qt Sterilite box at Walmart and it holds all of the embossing foldrs in the original packagaing standing up. They are all alphabetized and I can flip through them quickly and see the name up top. My dies and my other sizzix dies and other cuttlebug dis stand infront of my embossing folders. The reason I like this is because all my cuttlebug supplies are in one place, instruction manual, rubber mats, c plates, extra b plates etc....) I currently have 24 embossing folders/borders and about 20 + dies in the box. I still have room to grow too) If and When I run out I will buy another sterlite box :)

SewDelish said...

I just found this post here and thought I would share how I organize my dies and embossing folders here

I love the tags idea for the embossing!

Scrapycandy said...

Mine are in a clear zip lock bag right at my finger tips...I seem to reach for them all the why "store" them? And they don't take up much room. A really great product.

Anonymous said...

I keep my embossing folders in a divided book display box I was given by a store owner. I decorated it with dp to match my "studio" decor. Wish I knew how to show you a picture :>(.
Teri in SoCA

Anonymous said...

In the recipe box idea what does the cs dividers stand for?Where can you buy them? Are they like chipboard?

Anonymous said...

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Dede said...

Any chance there are sheet protectors for the larger folders, or for the borders? I can't seem to find them anywhere!

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