Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Bedroom Makeover Designs Ideas!

Your bedroom is your oasis, the spot where you go to relax and find your zen after a long day. This is the place where most magic happens!

This is a part of the house that gets neglected, let's face it how often do you allow a guest into your bedroom this is a spot that is usually off limit to guest, so therefor we tend to neglect it a bit.

This spring here are 5 ideas to get you going on creating a clean, relaxing Oasis, using existing scrapbook stash as wall decors.

Bedroom Makeover idea:1
Hang Curtains Behind Your Bed

This is a very simple bedroom Makeover using curtains. The yellow and grey instantly creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Bedroom Makeover idea:2

Flea Market finds

Adding a shelf and your favorite fresh flowers in little bottles will instantly add a lift.

Bedroom Makeover idea:3

DIY Headboards 

Changing your headboard are simple makeover you can do spruce up for Spring!

Bedroom Makeover idea:4

Deocrative Pillows

Bedroom Makeover idea:5

Add Drama with a new comforter set!

I luv  each of these ideas and the best part is they  can be done with minimal work and will not break the bank. 
Be sure to follow  me on Pinterest and share with us which idea you are going to implement.
Have a great week!
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Linda Fitzgerald said...

Love these bedroom ideas. Need to redo one bedroom and turn the other info a den with office space; so this is perfect timing.

Thanks much,
Linda S. Fitzgerald

Suzie Cheel said...

Love your ideas and I might just adapt a couple for my recently decluttered bedroom

Suzanne Michelle said...

My first step is to get my "Tower of Pisa" clothes pile taken care of! This is great.

Marquita said...

Love the colors and creativity! The challenge I have is I rent and the one and only restriction the owners have is nothing on the walls because they are natural wood. Gives the place a lovely cabin kind of feel which is perfect for the rural setting but does make decorating a challenge.

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