Saturday, March 29, 2014

How to find your perfume signature scent?

Finding your signature scent can be quite a journey, as a woman growing up our signature scents were introduced to us by the women in our family. In my case I was strongly influence by my grandmother's scent of Fracas and Anais.

Later on I was introduced to L'air du Temps and Magie Noire by mother. Magie Noire became my signature fragrance and I fell head over heels in love with Magie Noire till this day.
I remember my first perfume purchase as if it was yesterday many moons ago, it was Paloma Picasso and yes you can still get it at Dillards and any other dept stores. I remember clearly trying several fragrance at the counter until the last bottle I tried was Paloma's. I cherished that perfume and wore it for a a period of 10 years that is the only perfume I wore. Until I decided to experiment a little bit with other new comers, yeah I know I became fickle lol

The best part about perfume is that due that chemistry each fragrance is a little unique for each person even though it's the same perfume it will smell differently due to body composition.

How do you find your signature scent?

  • Let your personality shine, if you are extrovert like me, you might prefer a strong scent of patchouli, jasmine etc. 
  • Introvert you might want to try something subtle such as citrus etc. The key is to choose something you feel comfortable with that doesn't feel overpowering.
  • Get samples of perfumes you have always wanted to try at the cosmetics counters and wear that scent for 2 weeks to give you a good feel, before investing into a scent you might not want to wear.
  • Sephora will give you small little vial of scents to try.
  • Check to see what your favorite designers are coming out with, such as Dior, Prada, etc again as for samples.
  • you can rate several fragrance base on their ingredients to see which one suits your personality

Fragrance is a great way to shine your personality and experiment a little bit. I prefer strong scents, my preferences for now are J'adore, Pleasures, Paloma Picasso, Magie Noire, Joop for men yes I know but it's not as strong on me.


Do you have a signature scent? Share with us what your favorites are?

Have a great week,

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