London Attractions for Artistic People

Looking for the best art gallery city? Well, you can’t go wrong with London. If you are a first-time visitor or you are undecided on how to spend your time in London, these ideas might help provide inspiration and help you save money.

What to see in London for free

There are lots of places to see in London that are free or might cost only a few pounds, but for a few unmissable sights such as the Tower of London, you’ll have to stretch your spending budget a little further.

Central London is a must see – Buckingham Palace, The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and also the London Eye are possible to visit through a morning’s walk.

Of course, if you want to tour Westminster Abbey, go to Buckingham Palace or get on the London Eye, you’ll have to allocate more time and money.

London’s museums

british museum london

Most of London’s best museums are free to visit, but because of the large number of displays, it is not possible to see everything in one visit.

Invest some time at the British Museum and check out the Museum of London. The dinosaur displays, complete with lifetime sized roaring T- Rex, at the Natural History Museum, is impressive too. But if you’re passionately artistic, then make sure to allocate a large chunk of time to see the world’s best museum of decorative arts, the Victoria and also Albert Museum.

Every one of those London Museums are free to enter. The great news is that these only scratch the surface of the ocean of free museums in London.

London Galleries

Did you know? You can see over 2, 300 masterpieces at no cost at the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square and also at the nearby, National Portrait Gallery you can explore over 160, 000 portraits from the 16th century to the present day.

A fantastic assortment of International modern and modern artwork can be seen at Tate Modern, Bankside, London while Tate Britain, Millbank, London houses British art from 1500 to the present day. There are many more galleries to visit in London, and several won’t charge you to enter.

Whenever you tire of walking around London and would like a break, London has many lovely parks such as Regent’s Park, where you might get inspired to create your own artistry.

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