Why Kids Photography is One of my Favorite Pastimes

Photography is one of my favorite artistic disciplines. We cling to memories forever with a photograph. Just as much as people love pictures, I love taking them even more. I especially love kids photography as it kills two birds with one stone. It’s a bit like scrap booking only better.

Everyone can be a photographer, whether it’s a mother who takes images at each of her kid’s moments in life, or perhaps it is the father who never forgets his camera for a football or basketball game. Or maybe it’s the young woman who loves nature hikes with her camera.

Photography is a people’s art

One thing’s for sure; photography is an art of the people. All of them have an eye for those special moments and that they all love the camera capacity to capture that moment and freeze it in time forever.

Once you get into photography, it can be expensive, (yes it’s more expensive than most crafts) and freelance photography is one way to make your hobby pay. Photography can be your primary career or it may begin as something you do in your free time, but start making money from it and you won’t look back.

The freedom of photography

It’s just like freelance writing and it can give you the freedom to work for themselves on their own time and make money doing something that they love doing anyway. And if you get good it could help fund your travels.

To begin getting jobs as a freelance photographer, you will need a portfolio. Even if you’ve never had photographs published or publicly exhibited, you should compile a portfolio of your very best work and after that add to it if that you win photography contests or begin receiving paid work.

As we mentioned, building a portfolio is the initial step in submitting your work for pay, but once it comes right down to it, it is the quality of the photograph which will determine if that you get paid for it.

Kids photography

kids photography

Some people have more of a natural talent for taking good images than others, but it’s a skill that everyone can learn. There are schools devoted to the art of photography and that you may also get a degree in it. Try your local community center or community college or look online. If you have kids, they can be challenging and fulfilling subjects to photograph. Kids photography is a great way for the family to bond and for you to do something worthwhile at the same time.

Some cities have photography groups that meet to share pictures and tips. There are also many groups on Facebook that are devoted to photography and freelance photography. You need to study the works of as many famous photographs as possible. Have a look at what’s getting published.

Of course, if you don’t want to take it that seriously, just start up an Instagram account and load your photos there. Focus on building a following and who knows what might happen!

The Death of Traditional Crafts

They say women are the backbone of the arts and crafts movements. Well, most of my friends who are good at crafts are indeed women although I have lots of artistic friends who are men.

Arts and crafts exist anywhere, from the Americas to the Pacific and everywhere in between. India is well-known for its wide range of cultural exhibits. European art began to show the impact of the expanding culture in the 19th century.

Changing traditional art and craft forms

traditional crafts

Traditional art forms are changing due to technology, which has evolved in recent years. But “art” is still considered activities that involve some type of ability, or even a dedication to a certain object and heritage.

Although every culture on earth has a different idea of heritage, there’s a universal recognition of the meaning of art and crafts.

Are traditional crafts dead?

Traditional crafts were often passed down from mother to daughter. In the past, when men were considered the breadwinners, women would bury themselves in learning crafts and producing art.

How times have changed. These days, more women than ever are pursuing careers in a wide range of disciplines. So, the time to focus on artistic endeavors has greatly diminished.

While the development of traditional crafts might be under threat, I think there are lots of women (and men) who are still passionate about continuing the legacy of their forebears.

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Digital Scrapbook Christmas Wallpaper

In recent times, digital scrapbooking has become quite a trend.  With new scanners, desktops publishing, and other digital imaging technologies, it’s no wonder digital scrapbooking is gaining popularity. Traditional scrapbooking can be a rewarding craft but the downside is it can be expensive and time-consuming.  If you choose the traditional scrapbooking method, there’s so much to learn, from heat embossing to layering to choosing a die-cutting machine.  If you don’t have the time or inclination to learn about the various traditional scrapbooking techniques then digital scrapbooking might be just the hobby for you!

Christmas may have come and gone but next Christmas will come around very quickly.  Here’s a neat project to try for when you have some spare time. Digital scrapbook Christmas wallpapers offer a simple way to help keep your vacation memories, whether you’re making one design for your own Christmas album or intending to send copies of your electronic scrapbook to family and friends.


Scrapbook patterns for Christmas

Downloadable collections of patterned papers such as these take the stress from scrapbooking by supplying you with numerous distinct options that may easily be combined and matched to make a distinctive look.

You need to utilize multiple wallpapers on the same scrapbook layout by linking them together to make a grid creation, or by layering different wallpapers to create a decorative mat for your focus photograph.

Since Christmas is among the most popular topics for scrapbookers of all ability levels, many gifted electronic designers have chosen to distribute free newspapers, embellishments, and page kits with this particular theme.

Free Digital Scrapbooking

Free Digital Scrapbooking provides an assortment of downloadable desktop papers that you enjoy. This kit contains background documents, ribbon bows, brads, Christmas tree clip art, members, and a word artwork title. Computer Scrapbook provides papers and antiques from its Winter Jubilee and Noel topics.

Remember, a lot of the websites offering free Christmas digital scrapbooking materials also have additional pages and embellishments you can purchase.

If you find free digital scrapbook wallpapers which you love, consider incorporating your favored graphics into other elements of your vacation decor.